Thursday, November 22, 2012

Braving Black Friday aka SPARTA

Black Friday Craziness

So I ended up venturing out on BLACK FRIDAY (dun dun dun) a few stores for stuff I saw in the ad while I was sitting here bored, unable to sleep. I hit Target with high expectations. I walk in expecting something terrible...terrible and yet curiously wonderful enough to give me Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for years to come every time someone even says the words Black and Friday in the same sentence. I walk in, and it is a Black Friday Wonderland in there is empty. Seriously-Brave, Cinderella-gone. Not a $3.99 tutu in sight. However, I did get an awesome blender and Max's blanket he wanted. 
Then, I bravely I ventured to Toys R Us-still in search of Brave and Cinderella. I found Brave on dvd, got it even though I wanted bluray because, well, you can't beat $9.99. Got claire a bunch of stuff I hadn't planned on but that i think will go over better than my original idea for Christmas. All in all I came out of it with a bunch stuff my kids will dig and a date offer from some guy who works at Toys R Us. Sorry dude...although my kids would probably try to get me to go out with you just for the toy discount. As loooong as we didn't tell Dad ;
 I did also attempt to go to Old Navy on a whim, but when I pulled up and people were still waiting outside to get in over and hour after the store opened, I went ahead and did myself a favor and came home. Even though my brain was all like BOOTS...BOOTS...BOOOOOOTS!!!! 
Anyways, now I am sitting here still on a shopping high trying to calm down enough to go back to bed. SO MUCH EXCITEMENT!!! But don't worry, I will feel plenty miserable at 7 when my kids are up begging from breakfast :) 
Hope you liked..or were entertained by...or didn't hate my first blog. They will get better, I promise :)

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